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Arm Brace Support for Handheld Stabilizers

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     The Laing arm brace for handheld stabilizers is designed to evenly distribute pressure over shooter’s forearms.

     The skeleton-shaped arm brace not only provides the operator with cushioned comfort while shooting, but also eliminates the twist of arm that causes stress on the operator's wrist. This great benefit significantly extends the shooting time and brings more stable shootings.

     The Laing PF1 arm brace is made of high quality fiber and ultra-light aviation aluminum alloy. It is lightweight but strong and durable.

     The handle post of PF1 has three sizes in diameter, namely 16mm, 19mm and 22mm, which makes the PF1 compatible to all hand-held stabilizers. It’s a great assistant to the hand-held stabilizer.

     With the forearm support brace, shooting smooth and professional looking images occurs naturally.

Key Features:

 - Designed to evenly distribute weight over the entire forearm
 - Reduces arm fatigue and strain
 - Custom fit adjustments: adjustable by Velcro straps to fit any size forearm
 - Offers additional camera support and control
 - Easy & fast to put your arm in.
 - Anti reflective matte black finish
 - Aluminum support bar runs full length of the brace.
 - Adjustable comfort angle for grip handle.
 - Multiple adjustment handle positions.
 - Soft surface padded grip handle.
 - Foam padded wearing comfort.

Weight: 500g
Length: 30 cm
Post diameter: 16mm / 19mm / 22mm


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