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Shoulder Support Rig S2

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† † † The Shoulder Support Rig is a very useful accessory for any type of portable camera that increases the stability of handheld shootings.†

† † †This portable camera support includes a 15mm rail system and has a versatile and ergonomic design to fit every shooting requirement. The quick-releasing camera mounting plate can be moved easily back and forth on the 15mm rods in order to reach the correct shooting position and to balance the shoulder rig.
† † †The soft shoulder support pad and the front rubber grip handles distribute the weight of the camera rig between shoulders, arms and back. The front handles and the shoulder pad form a stable triangle that can be configured for every body size and position.
† † †All the rig's components can be securely tightened to ensure a safe operation. This compact camera shoulder rig comes with included counterweights to balance the weight over the shoulder and reduces arm's weariness during long-term shootings.†
Key Features:
- compact and lightweight aluminum structure.
- ergonomic design to maximize the flexibility when using portable cameras.
- included industry standard 15mm rods mounting system with quick-releasing camera mounting plate.
- anti-slip rubber front handles for a secure grip.
- pull and twist metal lockers for fast tightening.†
- soft shoulder support pad that evens the weight of the rig.
- included counterweights to balance the weight over the shoulders when guiding the camera with two hands.
Package content:
- 1 x shoulder pad with counterweights
- 1 x camera platform with quick-release plate
- 2 x front handles with rubber grip
- 5 x 15mm aluminum rods


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