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Compact Jib 250 with Tripod and Dolly

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Increase the creativity of your work by using this complete dolly and jib system!

The Jib Kit 250cm includes everything you need for the shooting: small jib, tripod, dolly, tripod fluid head, monitor bracket, each fitting inside transport bags.

The Single Jib has a lightweight aluminum alloy construction with powder coated black finish that is scratch resistant. The total jib length is 250 cm (150cm forearm and 100cm counterweight arm) and can be folded down to a portable length of 130cm. The jib arm features bearings in every joint to prevent bumpy moves. The jib can be used along with a camera having a maximum weight of 5Kg.

The Single Jib is supported by a aluminum tripod which features a 75 mm compatible bowl. With the included fluid head with quick release plate, this tripod can be also used as a regular camera tripod. The folded length of the tripod is 69 cm and can be used at a minimum height of 64cm and maximum height of 133cm. The total weight of the tripod, including the fluid head is 4.2 Kg.

The tripod fluid head it is used to create smooth and shock-free camera moves. The built-in spring counterbalance offers protection for the camera, preventing sudden moves back and forth of the camera which can result in tripod unbalancing and camera damages. The fluid head has a 90 degree tilting angle forward and backward and can support a camera having a maximum weight of 6 Kg.

The tripod dolly is a versatile instrument, with solid construction and smooth action wheels that provides mobility to the entire jib system. It is foldable and easy to assemble on the set.

The entire jib/tripod/dolly system is compact and easy to install by a single person in less than 5 minutes, without extra tolls, and breaks down easily to fit inside 3 transport bags. The entire kit is a very useful assemble to use for events, small budget productions, music videos or product / business presentations. This kit adds fluid pan, tilt, tracking and various jib movements to any video production

Note: This jib kit does not include the counterweights due to significantly increase of the shipping cost. However, the counterweights can be purchased from any local fitness store.

Key Features:

- Jib Kit includes: jib arm, tripod, fluid head, dolly
- max. length of the jib: 250 cm (150 cm forearm / 100 cm counterweight arm)
- carrying length of the jib: 130 cm
- Jib arm payload : 5 Kg
- lightweight aluminum construction
- tripod legs minimum height 64 cm, maximum height 133 cm and tripod folded length: 69 cm
- tripod bowl: 75mm
- tripod weight (including fluid head): 4.2Kg
- fluid head payload: 6 Kg
- kit total weight (including jib, tripod, fluid head, dolly): 14Kg


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