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Kino Flo True Match G13 75W 3200K

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40Fluorescent lamp, T12 G13 Medium BiPin base
Manufacturer: Kino Flo
Product code: 488-K32S
Model: KF32 Safety Coated
Socket: G13
Power: 75W watts
Voltage: -
Output: 3350lm
Color temperature: 3200K
C.R.I > 95RA
Average life time: 2000h
Length: 1200mm
Diameter: 38 mm


     Kino Flo TRUE MATCH® lamps are designed to eliminate the need to add filters for color correction. x, y chromaticity plots for daylight 5500K and Tungsten 3200K light sources. Kodak Wratten filter values, and corresponding color shift are also indicated. Color specification limits best represented by circles rather than MacAdam ellipses for the Cinema lamp products due to the differences between eye and film color sensitivity.

     Soft light (film friendly) lamp used in film applications. Tungsten 3200º K and Daylight 5500º K colors available. Matches spectral sensitivity of film. Gel-free light sources (CC and LB = 0).No color shift with ballast current change (dimming).

     TRUE MATCH® fluorescent uses full spectrum phosphor blends to match the 3200º K tungsten and 5500º K daylight spectrum. Final match is done using Minolta IIIf meter as a gage for determining filtering needs which become the effective color specification limits.

     Kino Flo TRUE MATCH® lamps offers the option of exclusive shatter-resistance "Safety Coated" plastic envelope that helps contain glass fragments if the lamps are broken. This reduces the possibility of glassrelated injuries to irreplaceable talent, damage to expensive sets, contamination of delicate equipment or missed deadlines. Safety Coated process wraps the fluorescent lamps in a full 15 mil thick casing of plastic that helps contain the glass, phosphor and chemicals if the lamp is broken. Unlike many other shatter resistant lamps, "Safe Coated" lamps require no assembly. The technology offers maximum protection with minimum light loss… the lowest loss of initial light of any shielded product.

 Compatible with the following fluorescent lights:

- Cinelight CineFlo 4FT 2 / 4 bank
- Kino Flo 4FT  1 / 2 / 4 bank
- Filmgear FloBox 4FT 2 / 4 bank

Note: due to the fragile nature of this product we cannot ship individually. This product can be ordered only together with a CineFlo 4FT unit. For more information please contact us.


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