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Flag 4 in 1 - 120 x 92 cm

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Flag 4in1 120 x 92 cm flag with lightweight aluminum frame and easy changeable faces using Velcro system.
  • White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results.
  • Silver: Use to increase specular highlights adding more contrast to your image.
  • Gold: Use for a strong warming effect in your lighting.
  • Black: Use for blocking light. Its act like a black flag to avoid your light spilling in other directions that you don't want. Can be also used as a black background for your shoots.
 The frame of the flag is made from lightweight aluminum tubes which can be disassembled for easy transportation.

 For mounting the flag base is equipped with a 5/8" spigot with can be mounted directly on a stand or used with a grip head.

 Includes a soft transport bag


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