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NP-F970 Battery 50Wh (6600mAh) 7.4V

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Note: discontinued model. Replaced with 7200mAh model available here: link

Li-Ion highcapacitybattery with Sony type mount for camera LED lights and professional Sony handheld camcorders.

Made from high quality Sanyo cells.
Capacity: 50Wh
Voltage: 7.48V
Working temperature: - 20C to + 55C
Dimensions: 70 mm x 38mm x 60 mm
Weight: 280g
Mount: Sony DV (NP-F970)

Compatible with the following products:

- CamLED 144 HO & Bi-Color (runtime approx: 6h)
- CamLED 209 HO & Bi-Color (runtime approx: 4h)
- CamLED 312 HO & Bi-Color (runtime approx: 5.5h)
- CamLED 10 Bi-Focus (runtime approx: 4h)
- RingLED (runtime approx: 90 min)
- CamLED ENG 30 Bi-Color & Bi-Focus (runtime approx: 75 min)


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