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Cordura Hard Bag - 59 x 34 x 37 cm

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      Compact Cordura rigid bag specially designed for the LED light panels and matching accessories. Dual directional zippers open quickly to fully expose the interior. The customizable padded interior with detachable Velcro dividers can fit up to 3 LED panels and accessories without light stands or 2 LED panels with 2 suitable light stands, depending on the needs. Multiple interior configurations can be designed using the many various sized dividers to fit the exact dimensions of the LED panels or, by removing the dividers, one single generous compartment can be created.  

     The new design of the bag, similar to travelling trolley cases, facilitates handling and carrying around. The bag can be carried now using the telescopic handle and bottom wheels (just like any other trolley case), by carrying handles or using the shoulder strap, any way it suits one's needs.

     The bag’s lid is equipped with zippered net pockets where you can storage lightweight accessories like filters and softboxes components.


     One great feature of this bag are the reinforced edges with plastic corners and the longitudinal bottom  support for a better protection of the bag during handling and storing. This sturdy construction translates to a prolonged use of the bag.

     The bag features now two exterior side pockets for extra storage where various accessories can be fitted. Also, another improvement of this bag are the strap pockets on the top of the lid where 3 light stands can fit.

     The bag is equipped with an exterior plastic pocket where you can fit small ID cards, in order to personalize your lighting kit.


  • Interior dimensions:  59 x 34 x 37 cm
  • Exterior dimensions: 68 x 42 x 43 cm
  • Weight: 7.1 Kg


     The bag can fit the following LED panels configuration: 

- up to 6 x CineLED EVO S
- up to 3 x CineLED EVO "L"
- up to 4 x CineLED Panel 1x1 
- up to 3 x DayLED 800 Bi-Color
- up to 3 x DayLED 600 5400K / Bi-Color Plastic
- up to 3 x DayLED 600 Bi-Color Aluminum
- up to 3 x DayLED 900 5400K
- up to 3 x DayLED 1200 5400K / Bi-Color Plastic
- up to 3 x DayLED 1200 5400K / Bi-Color Aluminum
- up to x 3 Studio DayLED 1200 DMX / Bi-Color DMX
- up to 3 x LED Panel 1x1 Bi-Color

- 1 x Junior LED Fresnel 100W & 200W
- 1 x Studio LED Fresnel 100W & 200W

- 1 x Tungsten Junior Fresnel 2000W


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