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V-Lock Battery 130Wh 14.8V

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V-Lock Battery 130Wh 14.8V for LED panels and professional camcorders.

Quick charge and no memory effect
Protection circuit design keeps the battery from the damages caused by over-heat, excessive current and extended charge / discharge.

Made from high quality Sanyo cells.
Capacity: 130Wh / 8.8A
Voltage: 14.8V
Working temperature: - 20C to + 55C
Dimensions: 152mm x 97mm x 48 mm
Weight: 650g
Battery level meter: 4 LED's
Mount: V-Mount
D-Tap connector DC output connector to power external devices like on-camera lights.
Circular hole and B-type socket available: Both can be used as charging / discharging port.

Compatible with the following products:

- DayLED 600 (runtimeapprox: 3.5h+)
- DayLED 800 Bi-Color (runtime approx 2.5h+)
- DayLED 900 (runtime approx 2.5h+)
- DayLED 1200 & DMX (runtime approx 2h)
- DayLED 1200 Bi-Color (approx 3.5h)
- LED 1x1 Standard (runtimeapprox: 3h)
- LED 1x1 Bi-Color & Bi-Focus (runtime approx. 2.5+h)

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