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Grip Head

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     When trying to get the perfect shot, you often have various lighting accessories such as flags, scrims and cutters set up around your subject. A grip head holds each in a precise position, making it a fairly common piece of equipment on most any set.

     Made entirely from die cast aluminum with natural silver finish and larger locking handle with anti-slip surface, this grip-head (gobo head) meets various requirements in any studio. The T-handle provides precise and easy control of the grip. 

     The toothed friction pad surface ensures a firmly grip and a precise position with non-slip effect.

     The grip body is made from solid cast aluminum. 

     The larger T-handle with anti-slip surface for maximum torque when tighten. 

     Can be used with a c-stand or baby stand (accommodates both short and long neck spigots using the dual position of the screw-in locking system).

     Five mounting standard sized jaws: 19/16/13/8/6 mm

     Weight: 0.6 Kg

     Size: 17 x 9 cm 


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